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There are many organizations in existence that work diligently in different ways to help make that a reality. Some organizations work primarily with homeless children and families, while others provide one-on-one mentors for children in need. Other organizations provide education to adults that work with children and still some provide facilities and programs that provide a safe and positive place for kids to congregate. All of these efforts and many more are worthwhile and beneficial. Inasmuch, rather than create an organization to do the same work as other, more seasoned institutions, Phoenix Staff Charities was created to find the best organizations doing the most effective job in the mission of benefitting children. In that, Phoenix Staff Charities raises funds to contribute to the most impactful children’s causes.

Each year, Phoenix Staff Charities selects up to five (5) charitable organizations to which to contribute funds. Organizations that support children’s causes are encouraged to apply informally by contacting us through our website, indicating interest for support and telling us a bit about themselves. However, application is not necessary. Many times organizations are chosen as a recipient at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors (BOD). Criteria for selection are subjective and are based on the personal preferences of the members of the BOD. In some cases, individuals on the BOD may consider organizations with low overhead, a certain philosophy, a specific locality or any number of factors. However, only a maximum of five (5) organizations will receive financial support in any given year so as to ensure contributions are concentrated enough to be impactful to the chosen charity.

Additionally, the amount to be allocated to a chosen charity varies between charities and between years and there is no limit to the number of years a charity can be chosen. It is also possible that less than five (5) and as few as one (1) organization receives funds from Phoenix Staff Charities in a given year. The BOD makes and carries out these decisions throughout the year.

Phoenix Staff Charities raises funds primarily through the personal connections of the members of the BOD. Both individuals and business are solicited for support via the retelling of the many compelling stories found in the worthy organizations selected by the BOD members. It is our vision that Phoenix Staff Charities will become known as the central place to donate monies in support of children’s causes due to its ability to find the best and most effective organizations working on behalf of the welfare of children.

Flight 33
Flight 33 is a nonprofit organization in the Phoenix area helping youth discover their strengths and teaching them to set and achieve goals through mentorship, tutoring, and basic needs assistance. Volunteers meet with students two times a week for tutoring, homework, art, and music lessons, as well as coordinate educational outings and youth service opportunities. Phoenix Staff is proud to partner with Flight 33 in helping the next generation succeed. Flight33 Site

Kids at Hope
Phoenix Staff is excited to be a part of Kids at Hope, an organization dedicated to helping kids today succeed not only in their education, but also in their families, in service to their communities, and in their hobbies and recreation. Kids at Hope inspires, empowers, and transforms schools, organizations serving youth, and communities to create an environment and culture where all students experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS! Kids at Hope Site